Chronic Child & Teen Bedwetter, Shamed By Mother

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I was a chronic child & teen bedwetter; until suddenly stopping at age 16 (apparently due to the deficient hormone, which regulates urine output while sleeping, finally kicking in; & also possible due to the bladder nerves finally maturing). I never did an adequate job of skin protection (other than taking a quick shower every morning), so often had a bad skin rash, unless my mother rubbed a large amount of barrier cream & baby powder on me (which she did, one to three times a week, to heal the rash).

Due to this, she said it was "in my best interests" for her to continue to put my diaper on me, & apply the protective barrier cream & baby powder; in order to improve the rash. Even as a teen bedwetter, she insisted on this; "in my best interests".

Since she was never a bedwetter (my dad was, as a youth); she really didn't understand that I could not help continuing to wet in my sleep (even as a teen). Sometimes she grew frustrated, & felt that she could shame me into stopping my bedwetting; thus during warm summer weather she made me take my cloth diapers & plastic pants out of the clothes washer, & hang them to dry on the backyard line (where neighbors might be able to see me doing it).

This was in the 1950's & 1960's, before disposables were available; thus I always wore cloth diapers & plastic pants. Sometimes; when she was very frustrated with my continued bedwetting, she made me go out & hang up my "laundry" (my diapers & plastic pants) while wearing nothing but a diaper & plastic pants!

Several times, neighbor kids (and their parents) could see me; as we had an open back yard (no fence, & only 1 or 2 small short bushes - easy for neighbors to see me)! Of course, the neighbor kids teased me, about "being a baby, wearing diapers"! My mother could not put my plastic pants in the clothes dryer (they would have melted).

She could have had me hang them & my cloth diapers inside; but she said the cloth would dry better in the sun; & she made it clear that she was forcing me to go outside & hang them on the clothesline, as punishment, for continued bedwetting

(she often said: "if you don't want to be seen by neighbors, hanging up your diapers & plastic pants; while wearing nothing but your diaper & plastic pants; then perhaps you will be motivated to stop bedwetting")!

Ironically, after a few years of being dry at night (starting in my late teens), I suffered permanent incontinence due to nerve damage, during surgery; thus need to wear diapers again.   

Written By: Jack