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My name is Wesley and I'm a bed wetter. I hated waking up wet in the morning and I never got enough sleep. My mom would always worry about it too. I was a only child and live with just my mom since my dad divorced my mom. After a few weeks I was sick and tired of wet sheets and my mom called me in down stairs to talk with me.

She said that she was tired of washing sheets every morning so she was gunna say something when I stopped her and told her "I know you don't like it either but it's not my fault it happens". Then she told me in a calm voice "I want you to wear diapers to bed until we can fix this problem of yours ok?".

It was funny what happened next because she expected me to complain but I said "ok I will". She didn't hear me exactly and said "I love you hunny but I don't want you to lose your sleep and wash sheets every day..." Then she realized what I said. "ok... you said ok". "Ya mom I did, it's better to be in a wet diaper at night than wet sheets" I told her. "Well ok then hunny, I'm gunna go to the store and buy some". "Ok mom" I said and she left.

That night I put on a diaper and knocked out on the floor of the front room. The next day I thought I woke up dry but when I got out of bed and I saw my yellow stained and soggy diaper. I showered and watched TV.

That night I got a call from my best friend Aaron and he wanted to know if I wanted to sleep over his house that night. I didn't know what to do so I asked my mom and said Aaron wants me to sleep over and I don't know what to say and what if he finds out I wear diapers to bed. We'll he's your best friend. You two have been friends since you've been in diapers so it should be ok and if you want me to pick you up then just call me and I will.

I got back on the phone and gladly accepted. Before I hung up my mom told me to hand her the phone so she could talk with Aaron's mom. She informed her on my problem and said she'll keep it a secret for me too. I went to my room and packed my things including four diapers powder and wipes in my backpack.

I had a blast at his house. We played video games, mostly Halo Reach because we thought Spartans looked so awesome. His mom came into his room and called me out saying my mom was on the phone. That was our code for me to be diapered. She told us to get ready for bed and I got my stuff.

I went into her room and saw Aaron's little brother getting diapered, then when she was finished she said hop on and she powdered wiped and diapered me. When I was done I put on my pajamas on and went to Aaron's room. We played more Halo and went to sleep at 1am because our 10 year old bodies could only take so much.

I woke up in the middle of the night because of a nightmare and found myself wet so I got my back pack and got out a diaper and went into the bathroom to change. Little did I know Aaron was on his way to the bathroom too.

He went in without knocking and I stood there in nothing but my T-shirt and clearly wet diaper. It was all white and you could see if I wet it and boy was I wet. I got lucky as he was too sleepy to notice and said sorry and closed the door and I change into a new diaper.

Then it was morning and I woke up in another wet diaper, it was completely soaked. Aaron woke up right after me and was called upstairs by his mom. Then Aaron's little brother came downstairs in his wet and soggy diaper with a cup of water and spilled a little so his 4 year old self went to get napkins.

Aaron came running downstairs and ran towards me and slipped on the water slipping forward as I turned around he fell face first on the floor but gave my pjs a grab while falling for grip and managed to pull them down.

He looked up and said "Wes, are you wearing a wet diaper?" I burst into tears as I pushed him off me and said through sobs "ya I wet the bed and I have to wear diapers to protect the mattress". I was crying real hard. He sat right next to me and put his hand on my shoulder saying "ok it was just a question, and so what if you wear diaper to bed, my brother does it too".

Still crying I said "He's 4 and I'm 10, I'm a big kid". "You still are a big kid. Just because you wear
diapers doesn't mean a thing to me" he said. "Your my best friend, I'm not going to make fun of you because you wet a diaper every night, you can't help it, ok your still my best friend".

I dried my tears and said "thanks, you are a good friend". Being the dork he is he said "yes, yes I am, listen if it makes you feel better I'll wear one too". The next night I diapered myself and Aaron needed help diapering himself so I helped him and taped it up.

In the morning I was soaking wet so I woke Aaron up and to my surprise he wet the diaper too. "I'm glad I wore a diaper to bed last night" he said and we've been even better friends since then.

(This is part one of two of the story and it is true.)

Written By: Wesley
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