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I will Never forget the church camp trip I went on. I was in the eighth grade so I was about 14 and I went with my normal church to Falls Creek which is a church camp in Oklahoma.

I had not had a wet night in about a year so I was not worried about it and I did not take any diapers with me even though I greatly debated on it. Well the camp trip lasted for a week during the summer time. Well we got down there on a Monday.

That day I had a lot of fun and drank a lot of soda. I woke up the next morning in soaking wet P.J's and sheets. The pastor of my church found out about it so he called my grandmother who was my guardian at the time due to my parents being divorced. She told him to deal with it because she could not drive almost three hundred miles to come get me.

On that Tuesday I had went out and had a lot of fun with my friends and never once thought about it then that night when we had dinner we had a huge dinner. Then we were told to go to bed. When I got up to the bunk room of the cabin there was a letter from my pastor telling me I had to go see one of the so called den mothers of the cabin to get a diaper put on.

Needless to say he left it out where every one could see it. So I went down there to see the den mothers thinking it would be just a plan white diaper that would not be noticeable like the old style Goodnites. It wasn't. See I was very small at that point in time which I still am. One of the den mothers as they were called had brought her 10 year old son who was still wearing diapers to bed, which were Pampers size 6.

She made me wear them to bed also just like her son and to make it worse she wouldn't let me put them on myself, she made me lay down on the floor in the gathering room of the cabin where every one could see. She laid me down on the floor just like she did her son Jared and put rash ointment and powder on me just like she would her son. Then put the diaper on me and sent me to bed in just the diaper and one of her 10yr old sons T-shirts.

Everyone could see the diaper on me. She followed me up stairs to bed so as to make it that I couldn't put my p.j pants on  to cover it up. The worst thing is she made me wear diapers all week that year. But that is not what made it so bad. The part that made it bad was the fact that I had went there the year before and had so much fun that I invited a lot of my friends to come with me that year. Probably about 9 out of 10 of the people there were my friends that came with me and they where right there watching her doing this to me and laughing at me.

But what made it the worst was that in the morning when she came to check on her son about 2:00am like she always did, she checked on me too. The sad thing is he was not wet and I was. So she woke me up and right there in front of every one said "lets go change your diaper so you can make it the rest of the night". About 5 of my friends were still awake but that comes up later.

She took me down to the gathering room and re-rash creamed me and re-powdered me and put a new diaper on me. Then that morning when it was actually time for us all to get up she came in and checked on me and her son. I was wet again so she treated me just like she would her son and re-diapered me again. That is what she has always done to her son if he wet at night, she re-diapered him an kept him in a diaper all day and made him stay at the cabin.

The worst part of this story starts I guess the following year when I went back to camp because as soon as I got on the bus Lori aka the den mother told me she had diapers and wipes and cream and powder just for me. It started again. We got down there on a Monday and that night she diapered me just the same as the prior year. That night I wet which didn't bother me for I had only had about 2-3 weeks that were dry that year.

They were there at the beginning of the school year and camp took place during the summer and I didn't even argue with the diapers even though I had pull-ups. I guess I went along with the diapers because I enjoyed the powder and the cream and I just couldn't manage to do that by myself or maybe it was just the thought of a sort of a mothers touch I don't know.

On Monday night I wet the bed and she was still having to diaper Jared too, so of course she still came up about 2:00am like always. That time we were both wet but she woke me up first and re-diapered me with powder and all. Then she found out that I brought pull-ups for myself when she went to help me get out new clothes. She asked me why I didn't say anything about them. The truth was because sometimes they just weren't strong enough and I didn't want them to leak on me.

After she changed me she went and changed Jared and put us both back to bed. The next morning she woke us up and I was the only one wet so I got re-diapered and had to stay at the cabin that day. That day I had to be changed 4 times while Jared didn't even have to wear a diaper that day. Tuesday night I stayed dry and got to go enjoy my time but I really didn't enjoy it cause none of my friends were there.

Wednesday night she did the normal diapering of me and Jared both and we went to bed. The 2:00am checks showed that I was wet again so that meant time for a new diaper. I was also wet at 6:00am. So I was diapered that whole day then I just straight out asked Lori if she would take care of me the rest of the week cause I could not get myself under control and she said yes. I hated it but I couldn't help it. I went through three packaged of diapers that week just cause it would not stop. I would drink and it would run straight through me and I would have to be changed.
P.S. I am know 23 and I still have problems sometimes in the day and almost every night I just had a nice week cause I went 2 days with out an accident at night but lets not mention the daytime

  Written By: Edward