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Ever since I was little, I developed a little slower than everyone else. When everyone could walk at age three/four, I still crawled; it wasn't till age five that I even attempted to walk. So, as you might guess, that now as a 13 year old boy, I still have some issues.

First of all, I am short. Short enough that I can't sit in the passengers seat. I still use a booster seat for safety. Yeah, it can be embarrassing, but my friends all respect me for who I am (small town). Luckily though, I have the looks. The girls are all over me even now.

But, to get back on what my story is about, I'll try to stay on topic. Ok, so, as you now know, I'm short and it took a while for me to learn how to walk. One thing that many people don't know though is that I still pee/poop myself in my sleep. Having nocturnal enuresis/bowel movements has been a struggle. No sleepover's, no camping, nothing.

But, now that I'm 13, I went on my first sleepover at my friend Ryan's house with parental consent and protection. My mom talked to his mom and let her know that I will be wearing a diaper to bed. She was fine with it. So, it was 3:00 in the afternoon when I showed up and I was greeted warmly. Him and I quickly ran to the video games. Our moms talked for at least an hour and then my mom left.

We played games for I think 5 hours until Ryan's mom suggested that we go outside and play. We did as she asked. When we were outside I had the sudden urge to go number two. I decided to hold it because we were having alot of fun. It wasn't but minutes later when I started cramping up and decided that it's time to go potty. I told Ryan I had to use the restroom. He said he'll be outside waiting.

I ran to the restroom, unzipped my shorts and pulled down my underwear. I sat on their toilet and released. I looked back to see a poopy streak on my white underwear and felt ashamed, but quickly got over it. As I finished washing my hands, Ryan's mom knocked on the bathroom door. I opened it, ready to go back outside. She stopped me and called Ryan inside. "Time for Bed!" she told us. I guess 9:00 was Ryan's bedtime or something.

She sent Ryan to his room and told him to get ready for bed. She grabbed my arm and picked up my backpack that I left by the door. I asked her what we were doing and she said she was going to help me get ready for bed. My face flushed red because I knew what she meant. "Dang it!" I thought. I guess I figured mom would trust me to put on my diaper myself, but I guess not.

She pulled me into the guest room and had me sit on the front edge of the bed. She pulled out my pajamas and my diaper as well. It was awkward to have her take off my shorts. As she took off my underwear she noticed the poop stain. She gasped and told me, "You should have changed your undies." I was so embarrassed.

I took off my shirt and she slid the diaper under my bum and strapped it on. She then zipped me up in my onesie and then let me go. (Not like the baby onesie's with the buttons. It's the ones that zip up, but mine doesn't cover my feet.)

I went to Ryan's room and he hadn't even a clue of what just happened. I was relieved of course, but still a little embarrassed. I hopped in the bed below his (bunk bed) and fell asleep. Ryan and I talked for a while before I actually passed out though.

It was 8 in the morning when Ryan's alarm went off and we got up. "S**T!" I yelled. "What?" Ryan asked. "Nothing, nothing. Just a bad dream." I told him. But, actually, I realized I had loaded my diaper to it's max. I knew that if I got up, I'd walked really funny and he'd find out! So, I waited for him to leave as he went to the restroom.

Right when he entered the restroom, his mom walked in and got me out of bed. She pulled me into her bedroom this time and got my backpack as well. "I talked to your mom last night." she said. "Ok?" I replied confused. "She said you could stay over until Wednesday, would you like that?" she asked. (It's summer so there's no school and it was Tuesday morning by the way.)"Heck yes!" I told her and she said, "sounds like a plan!" and smiled.

She then unzipped my onesie from behind and laid me down. She took one whiff of me and knew I made a mess. "Oof, you little stinker." she told me. She unstrapped my diaper and wiped me clean. She suggested I take a quick shower so I did.

When I got out I noticed she was holding one of my pull-ups from home. "How'd you get that?" I asked. "Well, I told your mom about your poopy underwear so she dropped this off for you to wear today. (I wear them on long trips just in case I fall asleep.) I unwittingly agreed to wear it.

She opened it and had me slip my legs through, then she lifted it up. I then got on my other pair of shorts and a Tee. I was glad to know how quiet and unnoticeable my pull-up was so I wasn't scared to go out and play with Ryan. We played for hours and hours and hours. It wasn't until 4 in the afternoon that we started to feel even a  little bit tired.

We then decided to go inside and play video games. It was six and I needed to use the bathroom, but I was about to win the game so I decided to hold it. Then, I remembered I was wearing a diaper and mentally said, "Oh, what the heck." I released the pee and continued playing.

9 o' clock came along and Ryan's mom got us off the games and into bed. She, this time, grabbed my hand and backpack and led me to the bathroom like I was some little kid. "Did you have an accident again?" she asked. "No, of course no-, oh yeah..."I said as I remembered the pee.

"Is that a 'Yes, I had an accident', or 'No, I didn't'". Of course I didn't want to admit that it wasn't and accident, so I said "Yes, I had an accident." She kind of gave me a scolding look then laid me down. She took off my shorts then tore off my pull-up. (Easy-Tear; remember, I have a little body.)

She folded my pull-up then took out my diaper. (In case you were wondering, they have that little duck from Charlie Brown on them; I don't know where my mom buys them from.) She had me hop in the shower before I was diapered.

After the shower, I laid on the floor and she put it on me as well as my two-piece pajamas. She said nothing else and took my diaper to the trash. She let me out and followed me, holding my diaper in plain sight. Ryan walked out and saw it in her hand and said nothing. "He had another accident?" he asked. "Sure did." She replied.

Before I could defend myself he looked at me and said, "My little brother just doesn't know how to use the toilet, does he?" I then laughed and said, "I guess so." Apparently he thought the pull-up was his little brother's and not mine. Few. We then hopped in bed and fell asleep.

The next morning I woke up to his alarm again. "You awake?" he asked. "Yeah man." I replied. "Is it just me, or does it smell like baby stuff in here?" he asked. Trying to throw him off from smelling my diaper, I said. "No..." like he was mental. He just said "Huh?" and went to he restroom.

Again, his mom came in and took me to her bedroom. "Let's get you ready to go home. Take a shower, ok?" I said OK and she took off my not so filled diaper then shoved me in her shower. I cleaned up and walked out to see her holding another Pull-up. "Oh, I don't need that." I said. "I told your mom of your pee and she suggested that I put one on you." I let her and I got dressed again.

Minutes later the doorbell rang and my mom picked me up. I told everyone bye and left. She talked to me about my accidents very kindly then told me that if every time I have any form of morning accident, that I'd be put in diapers 24/7 for a week.

She said is was embarrassing to get a call from her friend saying that her almost 14 year old son pooped/peed his undies/pull-up. She then told me that I get no stars for my Chuckie Cheeses Potty-perfect chart because of the accidents.

I sadly agreed and walked inside. I have now been wearing diapers almost all summer. I honestly hate them and I need to stop being so lazy and get up to use the potty. Ryan still doesn't know that I wear, until next time. Bye!

Written By: Kyle