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Hello everyone this is essentially my life after the age of 9. To let it be known my mom wasn't always the most caring person. She would spank my brother and put me in time out (until I moved out).

For as long as I can remember I've been a bedwetter. I couldn't help it but my mom didn't understand it but I was incontinent. She knew I wet the bed and threatened to put me in diapers every time I did it until one day she came home from the store with a bunch of bags.

I stopped playing video games for a little bit so I could help her put the stuff away. I peeked in the bags and found some Tena's underwear, 10 pairs of plastic pants, and some baby powder. I asked where to put them and she said "on".

I didn't understand at first but then I realized "oh crap she wants me to where diapers." When I said "no" she grabbed my shoulder, put me on the floor and held me down until she had fully powdered, diapered and put the plastic pants on me.

The next day at school I was happy to be out of diapers until a voice came on the loudspeaker "Bob Jones please come to the nurse". As I went the nurse she sat there with a diaper and told me to lie down. I asked her why and she told me to just do it.

   She asked me if I'd wet my self once she got me to lie down. I lied and said "no" as she changed me in front of the office personnel and kids in the nurses office. Once she felt my wet pants she yelled at me and spanked my butt until it was bright red. After powdering me she said she would see me after lunch. And that was when I realized this would be my life until I moved out.

When I got home that day mom explained to me that until I was a big boy again I would be diapered 24/7. And until I acted like a big boy I would be treated like a baby.

She showed me another bag after that talk that consisted of a binkie (pacifier), a bib, a breast pump (for her), and an oversize crib to sleep in. This repeated every day until I was 13 then it got worse then she gave another speech.

"You're about to go through puberty and you still piss your pants, what is wrong with you? I'm apparently not causing enough embarrassment for you to want to change your ways".

Now instead of it being a secret to everyone but me, my mom, and the school office everyone knew. My mom started taking me places in a giant stroller, and changing my diaper in public, and worst of all started a blog about it. It was torture.

And it was worse at school. Now that I was in middle school the announcement was "Attention Bob Jones, please report to the office to get your diaper changed" now. Life was torture

It took until I was 17 to move out. I had 1 more year in school and I bought a van and lived in it for 5 years. The first couple days I didn't wear a diaper and I constantly wet my pants. I've been in diapers ever since.

Written By: Bob