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This is a true story that happened to me on my 11th birthday about 5 moths ago.

I woke up excited as all kids do on there birthday. I ran downstairs to my mom who was waiting for me. She told me "you get dressed quick we are going to your cousins" (who is 3). I knew it would be a 15 hour drive but then my mom says there would be NO stops.

At first I thought she was joking and I said "I'll wet all over you car then". But my mom replied
"You won't I will sort something out for that". This was said in a soft mothers voice.

After we had our showers and we'd got ready we jumped in the car with all are stuff and set off in the wrong direction at first. I was confused but on the satellite navigation my mom put in "Cosco" so I though we might be stopping for some snacks.

After my mom had got out of Cosco with a bag of what at first sight looked like crisps, she walked over to the car and smiled to me because I was waiting for her. My mom said we just need to go home first to do something but she didn't specify what.

At home we both walked in and she pulled out the Goodnites she got and I was ready to start crying because I knew this was the solution. My mom said "I know you won't like it but its better than wetting yourself. And we can't keep stopping because this is a 15 hour ride". So I just accepted and put my diaper on.

After this we were finally ready to go but I needed the bathroom so asked if I could go. But my mom said "ok you'll have to get use to it". so I started walking and my mom stopped me. Now I knew what she meant so I just tried and with a little struggle a managed to pee in the Goodnite and then we got into are car.

The ride was boring and I fell asleep about 30 minutes in. I woke up with 1 hour to go. My mom said "you managed to wet yourself when you were sleeping". At first I was confused and didn't remember I was wearing the Goodnites. But then mom said "lets have a diaper change". Not in a mean way, just a motherly way.

After pulling over I pulled the old one off and said "why don't I just keep them off as we've only got one hour left". And my mom replied " because if you can wet yourself at night without noticing you can at day. And I bought 64 of them and they need using".

After one hour we arrived at the place we would stay and dropped off our stuff. But mom took 5 Goodnites with us. My mom put her finger down the back of my diaper to check me but I was dry.

We headed to my cousins for the meal then went home early because the party was tomorrow night. When we got to the hotel mom said "you don't need your diapers in the day time but you need them at night. So I went to bed dry. Knowing that if I didn't wet I wouldn't need them any more.

The next morning I woke up wet and my mom said I would have to use all my Goodnites now at bed time and car rides longer than 2 hours. I didn't protest this I just fell speechless. My mom sat down beside me and said "I know it's hard honey but we can't have you messing up your mattress because their expensive.

At this I started to cry a little so my mom said
"ok I won't tell anyone I promise but only if you please were them!" So I agreed with her on that condition. We went to the party that night drinking lots and I woke up wet and sick. So my mom put me in a diaper for driving home in and we went an hour later.

I'm glad we had that hour together because I got used to wearing my Goodnites and me and mom became closer together and I now feel I can talk to her about personal things like any mother and son should.

I'm now 12 still wetting the bed and wearing diapers in long drives. Me and my mom are still close. I visit my dad every so often and he know about my problems. I've not had a sleep over since I was 10 but I guess that's what happens with people like me.

This was my first true story and I hope you enjoyed and really understood what was happening. Thanks for reading.

Written By: Jack