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I am now 59 and still have bedwetting issues. But this is my true story growing up a bed wetter. I have been examined by just about every kind of doctor and quack out there. Now for my stories growing up. My mother would wake me in the morning and if I was wet she took me to the bathroom, undressed me and washed me. Then she put me over her knee and spanked my bare butt 10 times with her bare hand and boy did it sting.

Well, at seven my father decided that I still was wetting the bed and I was in need of a stronger hand. So he took so he took over every morning. He woke me up and if I was wet, which I always was, he took off my pants and rubbed them in my face. Then I was made to lay face down in the wet spot and get a beating with a belt. By the time I was 12 I was having day accidents as well was put back in diapers and rubber pants and the same daily beating.

One day at 14 we went on a short over-night trip. In a motel over night I was forewarned not to wet the bed. I wasn't allowed anything to drink after 5PM. He went with me to the bathroom and made stand for 10 minutes. Then my mother double diapered me and put the rubber pants on me, but all this did no good because I wet and leaked as always.

The same treatment as always. Take off my wet pants, have my face rubbed in them, then get my beating. Then when we were ready to check out my dad said I had to go with him and tell the owner what I had done. The owner was not happy about this at all and told my father he would have pay damages. My father agreed so the owner said we had go back to the room to see how much damage had been done.

When we got there and saw the bed he said if  I was his, he would take me out to the wood shed and give me a good old fashioned bare butt whipping. My father said I already had but I deserved another one and gave the man his belt and told him to go ahead as it is his property I damaged, he should administer it and told me to get in position knowing full well that meant that was to bare my bottom. But I didn't. I just laid on the bed and the man gave one swat. When my father realized I had not taken down my pants I was made to remove my pants and underpants. The man said to my father how many, and my father told him about twenty five would about right. I wet again while getting my second beating.

I could not believe that my father would allow this but he did. Now later that day we were at a amusement park when he noticed I was wet again. He figured my 8 old brother should go to the men's room as well. We got there and he ordered me to take off my wet pants. So I headed for one of the stalls when he stopped me and asked where I was going. When I told him he said no, that I was to take off my pants right where I stood and sent my brother to my mother who waited outside to get a change.

In the mean time I had to stand there with nothing on from the waist down and everybody that got there had to hear why I was standing there like that. When my brother came he my diapers and rubber pants. I again was redressed with all but my trousers. I was made to walk around for the next day in a diaper and rubber pants. 

A year or so later my father's company had a big family picnic. We were told no getting in trouble or he would take our pants down in front of everybody and would and give a beating. I was told if I wet my diapers I would be very sorry and he was going to keep a eye on me witch he did. Checking several times to be sure I was dry.

Well by mid afternoon he checked and was wet. I knew what was to follow. He told me to take my wet pants off. I'm was begging him, Not here, not in front of these people. I said "Look a little over there, there was a group of bushes about 3 feet high where we can go over there and do what we had to do. He said no and to undress. I tried pleading 1 more time saying everybody would know what was happening. I just would be exposed in public. Once again by this time he has become very loud and got quite a audience. I knew there was no winning so I did as I was told. By this time there was a circle of people gather to watch the show. Boys and girls, men and women. He made me lean on the tree and as always I got my beating. This went on until I was seventeen and left home.

Written By: John