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     Growing up, my kid sister Lisa and me had different Daddy’s. They both must have not loved us very much, since they stopped coming around. I just turned 9 and she was 4. I hadn't seen my Daddy since I was 6. I don’t even know if Lisa remembers hers. Mommy was pretty independent and didn’t have to rely on anyone to raise us.

     I was a nervous kid and ever since I can remember, I wet my bed. Not every night, but at least a few times a week. And it made Mommy frustrated always having to wash my bed clothes and sheets. Especially after I turned 9.

     She would say more about it than she use to. Like how I should be a big boy. Because only babies wet their bed. She kept saying if it continued she was going to have to do something about it. I guess she thought that because Lisa didn’t do it, I was way too old to be wetting the bed.

     Then one day, Mommy said ”If you wet your bed any more, I’m going to buy you Pampers and make you start wearing them to bed.” She said, “if you’re going to act like a baby, then you’ll wear diapers like a
baby!” I was so embarrassed. Mommy wasn’t mean. She just had her way of taking care of a problem. And I guess this was her solution to the wet sheets and pajamas.

So after that, I tried really hard. Nothing to drink after dinner. And pee really good, especially before bed. I did really good the first week, and Mommy was so proud of me. She even said she would give me a surprise at the end of the month.

But, after that, for some reason, I got really anxious. It was in the second week after having some dry nights. I woke up to a wet bed. I tried to hide it from Mommy, but how could I? So I just decided I better tell her instead of her finding out on her own.

”Mommy, I have something to tell you.” she could tell I was almost ready to cry. So she stopped what she was doing and listened to me.” I don’t know what happened, maybe Lisa did it with a cup...” She didn’t have to listen any longer. “You wet your bed, didn’t you???”

She didn’t sound angry. Just frustrated that I would try to blame it on someone else. Unfortunately Lisa knew what was going on with me too. Mommy said, “Well I guess it’s first time in over a week, so we just have to try again.” She didn’t say anything about it after that.

After that, I thought everything was going to be ok.
I was thirsty after dinner a lot, and when I went to potty, I pushed any pee out so hard it hurt. A couple nights later, I don’t remember much. The night before, I kept getting up in the middle of the night to go potty.

So the next evening I kept falling asleep while watching TV. Lisa kept waking me up and making me mad. So even though I must have been half asleep, I went to my room. Mommy didn’t know till later since she was in the kitchen washing dishes from dinner. Lisa told her where I was. So she came to check on me and saw that I was already in bed asleep. So she left me alone.

The next morning, when I woke up, I wet my bed a lot because I didn’t potty before bed the night before.
I didn’t even have to tell Mommy. It was Saturday and she came in to see if we were up. ”What happened?” she asked.

I tried to think of a good excuse, but she stopped me and said that I must be going back to my old ways. ”You know we have to do something?” When she said that, I knew what she meant. Mommy was going to go to the store and buy me Pampers and I would have to wear diapers to bed.

I have to admit, inside I was kind of relieved, because I was so stressed and exhausted from all the trying. But I kept saying “Mommy, I won’t do it again, I promise!” While I helped take the sheets off my bed, Lisa stood outside my room and giggled.

She said “Honey, Mommy loves you, but what’s done is done. We talked about this way too many times and it’s just something we have to do.” After lunch, I was feeling kinda scared about what was to come. Lisa was going to go to to dance practice. So Mommy was going to drop her off.

At least that was a good thing. Because I didn’t want Lisa coming with us or saying anything to me. Then we had an hour to go to the store. There were a few things Mommy had to get anyway, but then I knew what was next. “Hold on to the cart, and let's get this done, ok?”

I was almost ready to cry, but I held it back. We headed for the baby section. Luckily they kept all the diapers kinda way back in that part. But there were a lot of mothers, some with babies there too.

Mommy looked at the Pull-Ups thinking they might work just as good. Then she looked at price and also remembered how they would leak on Lisa back when she was potty training. The Pampers were cheaper than pull-Ups.

Mommy said that she wanted to make a point that as long as I kept having accidents, I had to wear diapers. So she grabbed the biggest size and headed to check out.

I thought we were going to get out of there fast. Pick up Lisa and go straight home. Of course Kim, a friend of hers from work was coming down the aisle. So she had to stop long enough to say hi and stuff.

I tried to wander off, but Mommy said we had to get going to get my sister. Before she said bye to her friend Kim, I know she saw the diapers in the cart. Kim also knew Lisa was fully potty trained at 18 months so they weren’t for her. I got red in the face when she had to know that they were for me.

Mommy tried hard not to let Lisa see the Pampers when we got home. She took them to my room and put them in my top drawer where she couldn’t find them. After that, the afternoon seemed like it was so long. And when I was in my room playing, I got curious. I wanted to see what they looked like.

So I closed my door and snuck over to open my drawer without making a sound. They smelled good. The same baby smell that I remembered last time there were diapers in our house, which was a very long time ago. I kept watching the clock in the early evening.

After dinner, I still had the same rules, no liquids and try to potty a lot before bed time. The thing I didn’t expect was a new rule. “Your new bed time is 7:30pm. So go get ready to take a bath.” I didn’t understand at first what she meant.

”Mommy, that’s an hour before Lisa even had to be in bed! Why???” She said, “When you were two, that’s what time you went bed. So you know why.” I slowly went to my room to get my pajamas. She came by to start the water.

Then came in my room, and opened my top drawer.
She took the package of Pampers and pulled out a diaper. Then said, “For now on, don’t forget to always get one of these before your bath.” Then took it and me by my hand to bathroom. Lisa was peeking around the corner, but Mommy told her to go to the living room and watch TV.

”I need you to try to potty before and after your bath.” I wasn’t use to her seeing me naked at my age. But she said, “I’m your Mommy, don’t be ashamed.”
So I took off my pants, shirt, and then my socks and underwear. I felt kinda funny, but I kept remembering that she was Mommy and it was ok.

If it helps, you might want to sit down to potty. It covered my bare bottom, so it sounded like a good idea. “Mommy, I just can’t go right now.” ”Ok, we’ll try again after your bath.” Then she helped get me in the tub and left me alone for a few minutes to go and check on Lisa.

When she came back, she checked to make sure my hair was clean. And then took me out of the tub, helped dry off and had me brush my teeth. ”Ok, I’m going to go do something for a minute, I will leave so maybe you can go potty easier without me in the room. Just relax and let it go.”

This was my chance to get it all out. The more I thought about it, the more I tensed up. But I managed to get some out, just not as much as I should. I guess I was nervous more about what was to come next. I sat on the potty for what felt like an eternity. Then I heard Mommy coming down the hall.

”Ok, hon... Let’s make this as easy as possible. I need you to lay down on the rug on you bottom.” I felt so vulnerable while I slowly got on the floor. But a feeling of safety and security came over me when I saw my Mommy and hadn’t felt that way in years.

”Ok, I need you to spread your legs and lift your bottom when I ask you to.” She took the pajamas and the diaper off the counter and laid them next to me on
the floor. Then took the diaper and opened it up.
”Ok, lift up you bottom.” Actually I think she was a little nervous, but tried not to show it.

”Spread your legs a little more then put your bottom back down when I say.” I did just as Mommy told me, fully trusting her. ”There, you can get up now.” She helped me and we both couldn’t help but look.

Here I was, 9 years old and back in Pampers like a two year old. She quickly got my pajamas and for some reason, helped me into them. I guess she didn’t even think about it that I could of put those on myself.

”Are you ok?” she asked reassuring. “yes Mommy.” Then I gave her a hug before she took me by my hand to my room. The clock said 7:35pm. She pulled the nice clean sheets over so I could climb into my bed. She got me tucked in and sat on my bed next to me for a few minutes.

”Are you tired?” actually I was, but I didn’t answer either way so not to let her know. “I’ll be right in the living room if you need anything, ok?” She seemed concerned that I was ok, but I felt more love from her than in a long time. “Ok Mommy, I’ll be alright.” then lifted up and gave her another hug.

I think that reassured her that she did the right thing, since I wasn’t mad at her and said “I love you, Mommy” “I love you too! Goodnight...” Then she slowly got up, switched off my light and stood at the door for a few seconds.

I rolled over on my side smiling, but not letting her see. Because I knew no matter what, I wasn’t going to wake up to a wet bed the next morning.

Written By: Kari