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I am a 48 year old male and I have always been a bed wetter. I have always worn a diaper to bed every night my entire life. My mother told me I was day time potty trained by the age of 4 but she said I could never make it through the night without wetting my night diapers.

As far back as I can remember my mother would come into my room at bed time and pin me in a cloth diaper then put a pair of plastic pants on me. I was an only child and, until I began going to school, I thought all kids my age wore diapers to bed.

About a month before I attended my first day of school, my mother took me to see a doctor about my uncontrollable bed wetting. I can remember the doctor telling my mom that a lot of children my age still wet the bed and that I would eventually stop as I grew older.

I was still wetting my night diapers every night and when I turned 12 my mom took me to see a doctor about it again. The doc told her basically the same thing the other had told her. She told mom some wet the bed until well into their teen years. My mom didn't say anything to the doc about my still wearing diapers so as to not embarrass me.

When I turned 13 I stopped letting my mom put my night diapers on me and began doing it myself. I went through my high school years wetting my diapers every night. I have been to see a doctor after graduation but they could find nothing wrong with me.

  I am now married to a very loving and understanding wife and still to this day have accidents every night and still wear diapers and plastic pants every night as well. I have gotten so used to wearing them that I am not ashamed of it like a lot of bed wetter's who have to wear diapers are. It's not a bad thing wearing them. I would hate wetting in my sleep without one.

Written By: Rich Brogdan