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When I was in fifth grade we moved to another town. Between leaving all my friends and being bullied in the new place I was not very happy there. After a few months I began to have some interesting physical symptoms, I had to pee all the time.

My mom took me to the Dr. and he couldn't find anything wrong, but the problem persisted and I was taken to a local hospital for testing. Everyone was very nice and it wasn't a bed experience except for one thing, while I was there I started wetting the bed and they put diapers and rubber pants on me at night.

Well for a 10 year old boy that was the most embarrassing thing that could possibly happen. I had never totally stopped wetting the bed (still haven't), but I only did it a few times a year by that time. So, after waking up wet the first morning I had to wear diapers at night from then on. I did not have to wear them during the day.

Each night a nurse would come in and put the diaper on me before I went to sleep. They always waited until after my mom left so at least I didn't have to have her watch, but the worst thing was it wasn't a private room, it was more like a small ward, with five or six beds.

I ended up staying for about 10 days so several kids came and went while I was there and each one saw me getting a diaper put on me before going to sleep at night. Of course I wasn't the only one, but I was easily the oldest kid in there who was diapered at night.

One little boy, probably 6 had to wear them all the time, he cried sometimes because he had to wear them and I told him it was OK that I had to wear diapers at night and I was a lot older than him. It worked a little, but I really didn't think it was alright.

One boy who came in the second day and was still there when I left (he had broken his leg really bad and was in traction)picked on me a few times. He said he didn't wet the bed and he couldn't even get up to go to the restroom. Even though he was younger than me I couldn't exactly go over and pound him since he was in traction, but I wanted to. We did become friends later, but he still picked on me a little.

Each night as I went to sleep I hoped that I would wake up the next morning with a dry diaper. Three days went by and each morning my diaper was wet. I cried one morning because my diaper was wet and one of the nurses told me that sometimes children wet the bed when they are in strange places and it would probably stop when I went home.

Finally on the fourth day I did wake up dry. I told the nurse and expected to maybe not have to wear diapers anymore, but since I had already shown a pattern of wetting they couldn't take a chance. Turned out it was a good thing because that was the only night in the hospital that I did not wet myself.

They never did find anything wrong with me, so they had me talk with a therapist and they decided it was an emotional reaction from moving to a new place and my mom talked to her boss and got a transfer to another division of her company so we could move back to our old city.

After leaving the hospital I still wet the bed for a few nights, but then went back pretty much to normal (just a few accidents a year). I still wet the bed a few times a year and have some bladder control problems in times of high stress and will wet the bed more often then.

Written By: Russel