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This story is from my early childhood. I am now a middle aged adult. Fond memories of my early bedwetting years of loving babying turned into punishment.

I was out of diapers by the age of three and potty trained. I did have accidents overnight and wet the bed often. My mom insisted I go back into diapers every night. A little bit embarrassing, but not to much of a big deal for my age.

This diapering for bed continued and by age 5 I did not like it. My family was close to our neighbors who had 2 girls. One was 3 and the other 4. I was put in diapers during the day now, just because they were.

It started when the girls mother used to baby sit me and she caught me wetting my pants one time. Now she treated me just like her daughters. I was put back in diapers for the day too after just one accident. This was embarrassing to me, but the girls did become my best friends.

When my babysitter took me home that evening in diapers for the one accident, mom decided I will have to wear them day and night. She would take them off to let me pee, but she insisted on my wearing them for accidents.

Now age 6 I still wet the bed regularly, the daytime diapers were not used anymore. I actually had begun to like being diapered like my little girlfriends and was used to it.

The bedwetting continued at least 2 or 3 times a week, so I was put in diapers and rubber pants at bedtime. By now my father was angry. He thought I did it on purpose to get the attention. He told mom to stop babying me and not to use the diapers on me overnight.

Dad put a rubber cover on my mattress at age 7 and mom did as he said. I must learn not to wet the bed and no diapering. My dad said if I was stupid enough to wet the bed, I can just sleep in it. Many nights I had to do that, I was not allowed to bother my parents.

The worst thing about it was that my bedwetting continued at least to age 13. I would go to the bathroom after waking up soaked and grab a big bath towel. I put on clean underwear and pajama's and covered the wet spot so I could go to sleep.

My loving comforting feeling of being babied was replaced with this. I had not been diapered for years at home, but my relatives knew I wet the bed. This was very embarrassing now when an aunt would simply put me in diapers for bed. They did not care about dad's rule. Their beds were not covered in plastic.

Most of my cousins were younger than me and my aunts always had plenty of diapers and rubber pants. The last time I had an aunt put me to bed and in diapers was at age 14. The night before I had wet their couch and almost ruined it. My aunt worked as a nurse and she had some larger size thick disposable diapers.

The following night after peeing her couch she diapered me at 14. After mom put me to bed, she just walked into my room and grabbed a diaper from the dresser. My aunt said, "sorry Butch but I am going to diaper you tonight, if you make a fuss about it everyone will know about it."

I said nothing as she took my pajama bottoms off and my underwear. In no time I was taped tightly in a thick plastic covered disposable diaper. My parents were not even told about it and she came in early morning to take it off. I did not wet the diaper.

To anyone with a bedwetting problem, don't worry about it if your loved ones put you in diapers. I wish mine did after age 7, because it is much better than waking in soaked clothes and bed sheets. To this day I like to wear diapers and as an adult have needed them on occasions due to some bowel problems.

I am now disabled as an adult, due to working Construction for 20 years. I have had several bad injuries. I am back to wearing diapers to bed to prevent accidents and like them.

Best wishes to everyone. Butch

Written By: Butch