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At age 13 I was still a chronic bedwetter. In order to keep the bedding clean, & reduce the amount of laundry, my parents insisted that I continue to wear a cloth diaper & plastic pants, every night (this was in the early 1960's, before disposables were available). I also had a plastic sheet on my mattress, for when the diaper & plastic pants leaked (which happened often).

On a hot summer evening, I had just gotten into bed when my mother came in & said: "We are going to the Dairy Queen. We have to hurry, as they close in about 1/2 hour". We lived in a small town, & the DQ was the only fast food place there. She added: "Just put your bathrobe on, over your diaper & plastic panties; you do not have time to get dressed; we must hurry"!

As I got into the car, my older sister (age 15) snickered at me; knowing what I was wearing; & that I was going out in public, in my diaper & plastic panties! We parked in a drive-in spot, where an older teen girl (age 17) came out & took our orders. We each ordered an ice cream cone, except for my sister, who pleaded to have a small milkshake (to which my parents agreed).

When it arrived, & my sister was taking her milkshake from my mother, my sister suddenly spilled it all over my bathrobe! My mother was prepared for such incidents (spills, in the car); having a towell under her front passenger seat. She ordered me to take my bathrobe off, & give it to her; so she could clean it up with the towell. Then she put it on the dash & told my dad to turn the motor on, & put the defrost on high, to dry my bathrobe! My dad was not amused at this, getting hotter & hotter, as the defrost was on high.

Even though it was about 10:30 PM, it was still about 85 degrees! My sister was allowed to order another small milkshake (after being scolded about her clumsiness, by our mother). My sister was very amused that I was now sitting in the back seat, wearing NOTHING but my cloth diaper & plastic panties!

When the teen girl "car hop" returned with my sisters' replacement milkshake, she saw me, & laughed; saying: "Well, it looks like you have a big baby in the back seat"! I turned ten shades of red, with embarressment! A couple of minutes later, a neighbor's car pulled up next to ours, & the neighbors started talking to us.

They included a girl, my same age, that I had a secret crush on. She got out of the back seat of her car, to talk with me, & saw that I was sitting in the back seat of my parents' car, wearing nothing but a cloth diaper & plastic panties! She instantly burst into laughter, & then just stared at me for awhile, before getting back into her parents' car & telling them that I was wearing nothing but a diaper & plastic panties!

To make matters worse, the teen car hop girl lived just down the block, & told ALL the neighborhood kids that she had seen me at the DQ, wearing nothing but a "diaper and plastic panties"! I spent the rest of the summer (& many months after) being teased & reminded about this, by the neighborhood kids, & classmates at school! The next door neighbor girl never missed an opportunity to tease me, by reminding me that she saw me at the DQ, wearing my diaper & plastic panties; & then teasingly calling me "a big baby"!

Written By: Jack