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I'm 13 and I have been a bed wetter my entire life. My mom always makes sure I have my pull-up on before going to bed and goes by my word. She'll ask if I have my 'You Know What' on to help me keep my privacy.

She has always been supportive and so has my dad. They both are really nice about my bed wetting. They always encourage me to do better and to use the potty before bed. It has helped my pride a lot.

I have been doing better going on and off with my bed wetting. The longest I have been dry is I think a week. (Which is good for me) They award me with 'good jobs' and other words of support.

In the morning, my mom will come in my room and pinch the front of my pull-up to see if I wet in it or not. She will reward me if I'm dry, but if I'm wet, she simply asks me to take a shower and change.

When I stand up every morning (whether I'm wet or dry) she'll pull the back of my pull-up to check if I pooed. If I did, she has me lay back down and she wipes me clean. Then (without putting any underwear on me) has me walk to the bathroom and take a shower.

If I'm dry she'll put a star on my Potty Chart, if I'm wet she draws an X. If I have poop, she does and X, ect. I wear pull-ups to bed, on long trips, and on sleep overs. That's my story. Thanks for reading...

Written By: Unknown