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Hi! I am Cadyn. I was potty trained at a normal age of three. And I didn't bed wet or day wet. Then one day my sister Jordin came into my room and yelled "Mom! Cadyn wet the bed!" I was so embarrassed because my friend Kaitlin was sleeping over. But I thought that Jordin was just trying to embarrass me in front of Kaitlin. So I just went back to sleep.

"Oh Cadyn, you peed your bed. Let's get the sheets changed" my mom said and I woke up immediately. Thank god as my mom was changing me and my sheets Kaitlin was still asleep. The bed wetting kept going on for 10 more days. Then on the tenth day, it was a Saturday and I wet my pants during the day and didn't even feel it. My mom just told me to go take a shower and change my clothes.

It was winter break so there was no school, the next 8 days I both day wet and bed wet. So my mom took me to the doctor. The doctor said that I don't have any control of my bladder anymore. I was soo embarrassed. Because a twelve year old is in diapers, there was a lot of laughing. On the way home we stopped at Wal-mart and bought lots of packages of Huggies Goodnites underwear. I was soo embarrassed at the checkout.

Well I peed on the car way home and pooped. So my mom immediately put me in diapers. The minute she put them on me I peed. Then since it was 9:30PM my mom changed my diaper and put me to bed. In the morning my diaper was not peed and pooped. Great.

I forgot that today was Monday and I had to go to school! My mom changed my diaper and put me in the car. We arrived at school and hour and a half early. My mom gave my teacher a package of my diapers and told her to give one to me during all the breaks when the other kids weren't looking. I've been wearing diapers ever since and I still hate them. I hope you enjoyed reading my story. It is true

Written By: Cadyn