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It was sunny outside and I had just come home from school. "Come in to my room. We need to have a talk", my mom said. I went to my mom's room and then dad was there to.

"You know why you are here, don't you?" she asked me, already knowing the answer. She pulled up the sheet from my bed and there was a big yellow spot of pee on it. "Look at what you did! Your a baby!!" she screamed at me. I was terrified by her angry look.

Then she threw the sheet on the floor and pulled my arm to the wall. She almost ripped off my pants and my underwear and started spanking my bare bum. It really hurt! Lots! "Now go to your room! There's a surprise for you!" she said angrily to me.

I went downstairs still with no pants or underwear on and shut the door to my room when I came in. There was a big package of Goodnites on the middle of my rug. Then I heard the stomping of my mom coming downstairs. She opened the door and didn't close it after her.

She had a mad face on. She immediately ripped up the Goodnites package and took a diaper out of there. "Lay down, May!" she said to me, still with a mad face. I knew I had to, so I did. She spread out my legs and diapered me tight. "Now stay here or you'll have to have those 24/7!" she screamed and closed the door.

I was laying on my rug crying in my diaper. After about one hour I stopped and after another hour I felt a terrible urge to go pee, so I opened the door and went to the bathroom, but mom heard me and said "YOU BETTER STILL BE IN YOUR ROOM!", so I went back.

Then after 5 minutes I had to pee so bad, I sat down and held my hand by my privates. But it was already too late. I had soaked my diaper. Then I opened my door and screamed "Mom, I wet!" and she came down and changed me in my bedroom.

Written By: May