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My mom has a friend with a daughter my age named Kara. We hate each other. My mom went out if town for a week when I was 11 and I had to spend the week with Kara.

The first night she had another friend Alice spend the night too. We were playing truth or dare. I never turn down a dare! Kara dared me to tell her mom that I wet the bed and left my pull-up at home and if she could get me one. There was no one I was doing that though!

So Kara then dared me not to talk instead. I didn't know what she was planning when she said follow me. She told her mom that I needed a pull up and asked if they had any left over from Kara's little sister. Her mom said she would she what she could find.

She came back asking if a diaper would work instead holding one with a very babyish Mickey Mouse image in it. Kara told her that she thought it would. And I tried to protest and Kara's mom tells to "calm down, it's fine, if I need a diaper I need a diaper, that I shouldn't be embarrassed".

The problem was I didn't need one! She laid me down, pulled off my pants an panties and told me to lift my bum. She put the diaper under my bum and pulled it up between my legs tapping it shut as I protested.

Kara told her mom that I had to wear a diaper every night and if I wet it I had to wear and use the diapers all day too. Kara's mom said she would go to the store and get me more diapers to wear while I stayed with her. I was diapered and sent to bed.

I asked Kara where her bathroom was.  She laughed with Alice and told me that is why I had a diaper on. I got into bed trying to hold it and eventually fell asleep. When I woke up I was wet and suddenly remember I was wearing a diaper. Alice jumped up an said "let's she if she wet".

They forced me down and stuck a finger between the diaper and my leg and giggled to see that I was wet. Kara told her mom I wet my diaper and I was put into other diaper. All the bathroom doors were locked and whenever I had to go I was told to use my diaper.

I was kept in diapers the whole week I was there being changed by both Kara and her mother. It was so humiliating and I wet the bed each night. Kara's mother told mine. My mom started making me wear diapers to bed and Kara never let me live it down.

Written By: Sarah