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My true story is probably a very unique one, because every one of my cousins (8 in all) are girls! Except for two boys but they are 1 and 2 years old…anyway…

Well as a child I was potty trained rather quickly actually however it only lasted for a decade or so. Around 11 or 12 I started having a bit of a bed wetting issue. For a week I would wake up soaking in my own urine. I didn’t tell my mom until about a week after it started. She was not pleased at all.

I think it embarrassed her and it still does today. About one month after my bed wetting I accepted my fate and was given diapers to wear, as well as a plastic covering on the mattress for any leaking.

I felt ashamed walking around in a diaper, luckily I only was forced to wear them at home. I started wetting while I was awake around that time. It was infrequent and uncommon but once in a while I would wet myself and not even notice until my mother told me.

Fast forwarding and I soon realized just how my mother was going to handle my problems. She gave me a daily schedule regarding my diaper, including rules. If the rules were broken I would receive a variety of punishments.

Here are some of my scheduling.

When I woke up my mom would come into my room, check if I was wet then re-diaper me even if I was dry. I was not allowed to diaper my self under any circumstances. And it’s not like I could, my mom hid the diapers so if I was home alone (which is rare) and I wet my self I would have to stay in the diaper till she got home, no taking it off!

I would then eat breakfast, go to school (undiapered) and once I came home my real schedule kicked in.

Immediately had to take my pants off when entering my house, I was not aloud to wear any type of pants in my house, only a diaper and shirt. Bathrooms and my closet are locked so I can’t use the bathroom or secretly change my pants (not like I could wear them or anything :P).

I would receive random diaper checks for wetness ect.

Some punishments I get are pretty mean. I’ll list them in order I remember them.

If I wet in public; or embarrass my mom in any way I get these punishments…

1) I am forced to drink A LOT of water, then my mother would drop me off at the mall for three hours undiapered. Those are brutal and I’ve only received them 4 times.

2) Spankings, always bare bottom and with my mom’s hand. No belts or spoons.

3) I would be forced to wet or sometimes even mess my pants in front of my mother or relatives. Never in public.

4) My mom would keep my in diapers for as long as possible. Once I was in the same diaper for over 24 hours, I had so much leakage that day.

5) Multiple diapers are used commonly with me. She would put up to 5 diapers on me at once! It was exceptionally hard to maneuver myself so I ended up waddling or once I resorted to crawling. Which I’m sure is what my mother intended.

6) Most of my punishments are done on the weekend to ensure maximum punishment. My mom says the diaper discipline will speed up my body and will help me grow out of it but I know it won’t…

My mom goes on business trips every year and I go along. Sometimes different states but mostly different countries. These are the places that my mom brings out the real punishment. She says since no one knows me it won’t matter. Here I ALWAYS wear a diaper, regardless if it’s public or not.  I remember once my mom got sooo incredible mad when I wet myself at a restaurant. I had on diapers and they did not leak so I didn’t see the big deal but she had a big problem with it.

She unbuttoned my pants  in the restaurant and pulled down my pants, then she took away my pants…the remainder of that dinner I sat in a soaked diaper In  a crowded restaurant full of people…I was crying as loud as I could that night; as I normally do during my punishments.

We were not asked to leave even though I want to, it was horrible and when we got back home I was spanked until my mom’s hand started to hurt… I was so humiliated. It was awful; I’ve never forgiven my mom for that.

I don’t even want to talk about my cousins, they were all mostly my age; one was a year older and it is pure insanity. When I spend the night there I have almost no human privileges, I can not feed myself nor diaper myself. My cousins have never diapered me, but my aunts have and that’s very humiliating. They are all like my mom and they have even spanked me before. I cry very loudly but it only fuels my moms punishments. I don’t know why she thinks it helps but so far it doesn’t. I hope I grow out of it…but until then back to my routine.
Written By: Austin


Special Note From Stanley (Stanley_19802@yahoo.com):


      I am sorry, I don't normally put a special note with ANY stories, but I felt this story needed one. For those who think this kind of thing is just a story, it's not and is happening to hundreds children every day. No one ever needs to be treated like this. No one deserves this. If your mom, dad or anyone else is diapering you as a punishment, taking away the bathroom, making you wet yourself, keeping you from changing yourself, treating you like a baby, dressing you like a baby please, report them to anyone who will listen. Tell a trusted family member you feel safe with. Tell a teacher at school. Tell a police man. Tell your therapist. My friend who I have known for almost 10 years had this so called "Diaper Discipline" done to him from age 10-17 because he was a bed wetter and he still has problems today and nearly killed himself over it. I don't want to see anyone here reading this do that. Don't think you deserve this. Whatever you did wrong, it can't possibly be bad enough to deserve this kind of cruel treatment. It's mean, sick, wrong and most importantly it's against the law. The laws parents and other adults are breaking bydoing "Diaper Discipline to you are:

PC 11165.3: As used in this article, “The willful harming or injuring of a child or the endangering of the person or health of a child” means a situation in which any person willfully causes or permits any child to suffer, or inflicts thereon, unjustifiable physical pain or mental suffering, or having the care or custody of any child, willfully causes or permits the person or health of the child to be placed in a situation in which his or her person or health is endangered.

PC 11165.4: As used in this article, “Unlawful corporal punishment or injury” means a situation where any person willfully inflicts upon any child any cruel or inhuman corporal punishment or injury resulting in a traumatic condition.

Should a parent be found doing DD to their child/children and child services get’s a report about possible child abuse the child or children could be removed from the parent’s custody in addition to criminal charges being pressed bases on the level of abuse.

You can read a article written about it here: (http://diaperdiscipline.homestead.com/IntroductiontoDD.html). So please, if this is happening to you, get help NOW. Or if your going through it and can't report it and just want support to try to make it through, feel free to e-mail me or please post on the message board (http://bedwettingabdl.yuku.com/) for support. You don't have to go through it alone. I wish everyone well. And thank you for sharing your story with us Austin, I am so sorry you had to go through that. **hugs**