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Hi I'm Locklan and I'm 13, but I'm also known as Lockie. The reason I came here was to share with everyone about my brothers bedwetting. My brother (Phillip) is 12yrs old. He started wetting the bed when he was 11 1/2 and hasn't had a dry night since. We had just moved to a new town and he made a friend Michael.

During the second week Michael asked me and Phillip to his monthly sleepover. As it was my mum and dad's anniversary and they were out for the whole night I said "yes we'll come" totally forgetting about Phillips bedwetting. That night Phillip asked me what he was going to do for the bedwetting thing at the sleepover. I quickly said "I'll think of something" then went to sleep.

The day of the sleepover came and Phillip was literally shaking. I had to buy Phillip some diapers for tonight or he was gonna get bullied all the time. On the way to the shop I stopped and meet a beautiful girl. We said hi and I carried into the shop. The girl had brown frizzy hair and wide caring blue eyes. I bought a pack of eight diapers and ran back to the house.

A few hours later we headed over to Michael house with our packed bags. Outside we saw a ginger haired boy and a blonde haired boy. Michael had told us he was inviting Will and Sam to the sleepover as well. By nine o'clock we all went to pee and brush our teeth. Me and Phillip were last out because I had handed him one of the diapers. He quickly slipped it on and ran into his sleeping bag and fell asleep just like that.

During that night I had dreams of the same girl I met earlier. But there was something different to this dream. It felt wet like under the sea. I woke up in shock at six in the morning hoping to find Phillip pulling off his diaper but it was not wet, no smell. By now I knew Phillip had his first dry night in ages.

But the reason I woke up in shock was because I had wet the bed. I lay there for an hour hoping for the wetness to dry up but it got worse as it soaked into the sleeping bag and my PJ bottoms.

At seven a familiar girl walked in... it was the girl from yesterday. I hide my wet patches. And she said "you don't worry, you wet the bed because you dreamed about a girl didn't you? It's all part of puberty". I replied "I suppose..." So I went into her room and she helped me get cleaned up and the 11yr olds didn't suspect a thing.

Then came the best thing in my life, a kiss from the girl. We are now going out. But let's not go into that story, let's finish this one. So when we got home I rewarded Phillip with a party. And even though he was wet that night he was on the way to becoming dry once again.

Written By: Lockie