Bad Day At School

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My name is Bill Barnes, and I have been a bed wetter all my life. Being born a preemie at 2.5 pounds at six months and getting Encephalitis when I was six years old I had a lot against me to get toilet trained. Well when I was four I was finally trained for day time but not for night time. No matter what my parents tried I still woke up wet in the mornings around 2 and five. They would get up when they heard me call them and change my clothes.

With this said my story starts when I was thirteen years old and in the fifth grade. Yes I failed two grades and started school late from being sick. I was in the fifth grade and doing average grade work and struggling. I didn't get along with my teacher because she thought I was stupid.

Well one day I wasn't feeling well and I was not cooperating with her as far as doing my work. In fact I would quite often get up and go stare out the window. She would tell me to go sit in my chair and I acted like I didn't hear her. She got mad and would make me stand in the corner or go to the office.

This day she made me stand in the corner. Finally lunch came and we kids all went to the lunch room. During lunch I had to go to the bathroom really bad (number2). So I went and asked my teacher if I could go to the bathroom, that I had an upset stomach. She said no and told me to go sit down again. I told her I had to go very badly and she said she didn't care because I was bad in class.

So seeing that I wasn't going to be able to go with her permission, I started to leave without it. She saw me leaving and ran over and grabbed me by my arm and held me. At this point I did Number 2 all over the floor and in my pants. She sent me to the nurses office to get cleaned up and after the nurse cleaned me up she put me in a cloth diaper and plastic pants saying that this was all she had for me to wear. The nurse then called my mommy and told her that I had pooped my pants in the cafeteria.

My mother called my daddy and told him what happened. He took off from work and drove home to get my mother so they could come and see what happened and why I pooped my pants instead of going to the bathroom. When my parents came to my school they went to the nurses office to get me and asked me why I didn't go to the bathroom. I told them that I asked Mrs. Anderson to let me go but she wouldn't let me because I got up in class and looked out the window instead of doing my work. My parents said why did you do and I said I wasn't feeling well.

My parents then went to the office and told Mrs. Hambee the principle what happened and that they wanted to speak to Mrs. Anderson now! She was summoned to the office. When she arrived Mrs. Anderson gave a similar story as what I told. I told my parents the truth because they always told me if I tell the truth that I would be punished but not as bad as I would be if I lied.

My parents told the teacher and principal off, telling them that they knew I had been sick a few years earlier and I could not handle stress. Not allowing me to use the bathroom and then grabbing me by my arm was inexcusable. They threatened to sue. The principle assured my parents that for now on I would be allowed to use the bathroom with an escort. And because of my previous illnesses causing problems for me I would be allowed to go to the nurses room for a few minutes everyday to relax.

When I was brought home my parents said they wanted to have a talk with me. I said okay and after dinner they had me come in the kitchen and the door was closed to keep the other ears of my sisters from hearing.

My mother said sweetheart you know that you have to wear diapers at night because you wet the bed alot every night. This is because of being sick when you were six and from being born a preemie. You know this. And I said yes I know this. They then both spoke up and said the doctor told them that I would eventually need diapers 24/7 because of my weak bladder and sphincter muscles being damaged from when I was six years old.

You don't remember that time honey but you couldn't walk, talk or control your peepee and poop. You were a six year old baby. For you to get as far as you has been much more than we expected. But now you are having bathroom problems in the day as well as at night. Your daddy can't keep taking off from work and coming to school to get you and bring you home to get cleaned up. I told them that I was sorry and started to cry.

My mommy said they were not mad at me that this was not my doing. But they said I would have to wear diapers to school and get changed by the nurse. The principal is to talk to the children and explain to them that you will be wearing diapers to school and why and that any kids found giving you a hard time or teasing you would be put in detention.

I said you told the kids this? They will tease me and call me a sissy. We don't think so, my parents said. I said well I can understand the reasons and in fact I was going to ask you mommy and daddy if I should wear diapers to school because of the accidents I was having. My parents said then that you are okay with this. I said yes if the kids don't make fun of me.

The next day I was put in diapers and plastic pants and shorts so the nurse would be able to change me easier. I went to school and was very upset not knowing what to expect from the kids that I had been going to school with for several years now.

When I entered my classroom a lot of the kids were already there. Some of my friends walked over and said the principal had told them about me having to wear diapers. They said no one was going to tease me because they all knew I had been sick and this was because of that. In fact several kids said that they were envious because they wanted to wear diapers too. I don't know if they really wanted to or were just saying this to make me feel better but I told them I was glad they weren't going to make fun of me.

They said we like you and you are our friend and friends don't make fun of friends problems. The rest of my time in school I had to wear diapers. I wish I could say the new kids I ran into later in years were just as nice but they were not. And it was just as bad when I became an adult and coworkers found out I had to wear diapers.

Even my own sisters made fun of me and called me mean names like sissy and diaper boy. But from this I feel I became a stronger person and have more concern and care for the less fortunate than some others have. And I appreciate life so much more having almost lost it when I was so young.

Written By: Infantboy