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One morning my mother told me that we were going to the doctor today. I got dressed and went to the car when I realized that I was still wearing my Goodnite.

At the office I was called into a room as was told to get undressed. I asked for a robe and I was told that it was costing them to much so I should just be wearing my underwear.

I pulled off my shirt and then my pants and the nurse said you still wear diapers.I said that I did and she told me not to worry because plenty of other kids also do, but that I should not leave them on if they are wet. So she pulled them off and took out a diaper and put it on me.

Then my doctor came in and started feeling my stomach and I wet myself. My doctor took off my diaper put on a new one and asked if I wet myself often. I answered that it started happening by day also.

He put me in a diaper and told my mother that I should wear diapers every second of the day until I stop wetting. And I should come back in 2 weeks for a research study about bedwetting.

Next "the research study"....

Written By: Jacob