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For some reason, every time that I would sleep on an Air Mattress when I was growing up, I would wet the bed! I have no idea why, I just would. Didn't matter not drinking after a certain time or getting up in the middle of the night to pee, I still wet the bed. My grandmother lived out in the boondocks and all she had for me to sleep on was an air mattress. I probably only stayed with her maybe 10-15 times my entire life, but those 10-15 times all ended in wet mornings.

So from the age of 8-13, every time I stayed at her house, I had to wear a diaper. I was still wetting the bed off and on at my own house up until age 9, so wearing a diaper while humiliating, wasn't the worst thing in the world. But I stayed at her house the last time when I was 10 and I wet the bed, but I had the diaper on so it wasn't so bad.

When I was 13, my parents went on a cruise for their anniversary, so I get stuck staying with my grandma for 6 days! Everything went smooth until it was time for bed, then I was informed that I had to wear a diaper! I wasn't about to be diapered at 13!!! I tried to tell her that I hadn't wet the bed since I was 10 and didn't need a diaper. I told her that I thought I could make it. She told me that if I wore the diaper tonight and didn't wet, then I wouldn't have to wear one while I was there. I still wouldn't budge!

Finally, the belt came off and landed squarely on my rump about 5-10 times. I gave in and got diapered! Sure enough, I wet the bed that night. Threatened with the belt the next night, I gave in and got diapered. Every night I got diapered, and every morning I ended up wet.

The worst part was that on the final night, my cousin came over to spend the night as well. My grandma had to go back to work the following day and my aunt was going to come over in the morning and watch me and her daughter until my parents came to pick me up. Well my grandma went to bed at 8 that night.

So, 7:30 rolls around and she told me take my shower which I did, then she brought me into room and diapered me. I had to wear the diaper in front of my cousin until we went to bed. I was laughed at constantly, and still get harassed every now and then by her, although I haven't talked to her in a couple years now.

My grandma is dead now, but I will never forget her darn air mattress!!!

Written By: Tyler