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Hi, my name is Angela. I am 13 years old and a bedwetter. It was really embarrassing at first but nobody other than my family knew so it was fine. Until one day I wet myself at school...

It was a normal day, I wake up and my mum checks if I wet the bed. No surprise, I woke up wet today. I went to school as normal. I don't wear diapers at school but always have pants and undies in my bag just in case.

I was in the library reading a book, when suddenly I had to pee. Luckily it wasn't very strong so I ignored it. Then I came to a part in my book which had waterfalls and rain so I started to think of waterfalls and rain. Suddenly I felt a warm feeling in my pants...OH NO!

I tried to hold it, but suddenly pee was gushing out of me and going all over the floor and making a huge stain on my pants. I tried to stop it but I couldn't. There was a LOT of pee, after a few seconds I gave up and just let the pee pour out of me for a good 3 minutes. I started to cry and the ran to the toilets before anyone realized.

I quickly changed and went back to the Library. Nobody had realized that I peed myself so I relaxed in a chair and read my book. Suddenly I heard 2 librarians (there was just me in the library and these 2 librarians) talking about this pee stain, they knew it was me.

I don't usually go into lessons and work in the library instead because I have a huge fear of the classroom. I was dead scared that they would punish me, then I felt it again. That warm feeling of pee gushing out of me.

Why is this happening to me?!? Usually when I'm scared I just release pee, plus I stupidly had something to drink, and it had been a good hour since I had my other accident. The librarians came to me. But instead of punishing, they comforted me. They gave me some pull-ups and new jeans. I told them that I can't help but pee because I have trouble controlling my bladder. They said it's fine.

Now I usually wear a diaper to school so I don't have to worry about it, if I need to pee, I try to hold it in but eventually I just go in my diaper. If I stay dry for a couple of days I don't take a diaper to school (well I usually have a spare one in my bag) but I end up wetting anyway. Nobody seems to mind anymore :)

I would like to say that don't worry if you pee yourself or have bladder problems. Teachers should hopefully understand and if you ignore comments and laughter they will eventually stop. Make your parents explain to your teachers about this and there hopefully won't be any problems.

Angela xx

Written By: Angela